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At Energy, Physiotraining is a holistic combination of physiotherapy and personal training. We take into account the clients' individual needs, wishes and goals for rehabilitation and training. Physiotraining combines the progressive development of different areas of physical functioning.

You can come to physiotraining with your own goals. We select the exercises according to your goals and take into account any functional limitations you may have. In addition to well-being, your goal may be to develop aerobic fitness, muscle endurance, or speed. In addition to physical characteristics, physical training also develops mobility, coordination, posture control and agility.

Physiotraining is very benificial if you have musculoskeletal disorders, in which case the focus is on removing the factors that limit your training.

The content of the physiotraining training program is always tailored to the client's needs and schedules.

Noora Kolunsarka

Metropol, Rantakylä
  • Physiotraining
  • Group instructor
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