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Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage

Muscular pain is usually caused by static muscle work for office work, prolonged standing, or highly repetitive tasks. Massage is the fastest way to remove pain causing byproducts, such as lactic acid, from the muscles and thus relieve the pain. Massage works the most effectively when combined with regular exercise.

Sports massage

Sports massage

Sports massage speeds up muscle recovery and reduces the risk of injury by increasing blood flow, removing lactic acid and preventing internal scarring of the muscles. Usually one massage per month is sufficent for regular exercisers but for athletes the frequency should be at least once a week.

Classic massage

Classic massage

Classic massage, or Swedish massage, is the most common type of massage and what many people think about when they hear the word "massage". Classic massage uses a combination of five basic movements to create a relaxing massage experience. Classic massage is therefore best suited for relaxation and in case of clear muscle spasms, it is better to use therapeutic massage methods.

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