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Too much physical activity and too little rest or just mental work alone can cause nervous hyperactivity. This downward spiral should be stopped as early as possible. Neurosonic relaxes the body effectively. The neural effect that enhances recovery is based on the balancing of autonomic nervous system function. At the same time, muscle tension is reduced, muscle blood circulation and metabolism return to normal faster.

Improvement of quality of sleep

Neurosonic has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system and mind. There are positive changes in the activity of the neurotransmitter and the nerve pathways. Nocturnal awakenings decrease and sleep becomes better and more restorative with Neurosonic. The low-frequency vibration (20-100Hz) and relaxing music of Neurosonic Professional chairs are suitable for all ages and are safe to use.

Relieving stress and stress-related symptoms

Neurosonic has a balancing effect especially on sympathetic function which is activated under stress. Neurosonic´s vibrational frequencies are designed to stimulate the body´s natural way of reducing the production of stress hormones, allowing the body to recover. As stress hormones decrease and disappear, a person can fall asleep more easily and night wakings can even stop completely.

Activate your body for training

Do you want to take your training to a new level? With Neurosonic, you can activate your body before training by raising your alertness and boosting your nervous system with activation programs. Activating your muscles and a good warm-up will help you perform your exercises more efficiently.

How to schedule Neurosonic

Neurosonic relaxation and recovery programs are recommended to be scheduled after exercise and it is good to reserve the evening for relaxation. This is the best way to contribute to the balancing of the functioning of the nervous system.
Activation programs are intended to be performed before sports.

Program description and use

Neurosonic works best 5-10 times in a series, 1-3 times a week. Sometimes the situation requires follow-up series and maintenance visits. Individual sessions are suitable for supporting your own well-being, for recovery, for a moment of pause in the middle of a rush, as a gift, etc.

Relaxation programs for sleep and stress

Recovery programs

Activation programs

In addition

Neurosonic is also suitable for restoring sleep rhythm, e.g. jet lag, shift work sleep rhythm, adhd, CFS. In addition, Neurosonic is also suitable for supporting physiotherapy or therapy, for example to relieve muscle stiffness and reduce tension. Neurosonic promotes fluid circulation, so remember to take care of hydration!

Safety and contraindications

The vibration of the Neurosonic Professional chair works in the same range as the body´s own vibrations, so the possibility of side effects is minimal.

Come to Neurosonic only when you are healthy. Do not use the device if

Ask your doctor if you are unsure about using the Neurosonic Professional chair.

Evidence-based benefits

Research supports the positive effects of vibration on metabolism and health, as well as the possibilities of using it to reduce the effects of stress, improve sleep quality and promote recovery and overall health. Read more!