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For aerobic training, there are about twenty versatile machines, such as treadmills, stair climbers, and skiing machines.

There are also approximaterly twenty weight resistance machines. The best from LifeFitness, the Insignia series machines, safe and easy to use.

The dumbbell area is often the busiest section of the gym. Therefore, we equipped it with eight adjustable benches and even four sets of the most commonly used dumbbells.

We have also invested in free weight training. In this area we have five power-racks, three Smith machines and three flat benches.

A versatile range of Hammer Strength plate-loaded machines adds variety to the training and allows for heavy loads. Our selection also includes rare equipment, such as the reverse hyperextension bench.

For functional training, there is a fifteen-meter-long sled push track, tractor tire, monkey bars, and a punching bag.

There is a separate area for stretching and bodyweight training, equipped with tools to facilitate stretching.

In the group exercise space, we specially invested in its spaciousness and efficient ventilation.

In the separate spinning room, it's easy to see the instructor even from the back rows.