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For aerobic training, there are about fifteen versatile machines, such as treadmills, stair climbers, and skiing machine.

We have over twenty weight resistance machines, with them it's possible to do a full workout. Technogym's Selection Line- series machines, are safe and easy to use.

Four adjustable benches, dumbbells from 1 kg to 70 kg, Scott-biceps bench and all the other things to ease up your workout with dumbbells.

In the free weights area, you'll also find everything you need, such as power rack, 2 half racks, two Smith machines, and two flat benches.

A diverse selection of Panatta plate -loaded machines adds variety to workout and enables the use of heavy loads.

There is a separate area dedicated to stretching and bodyweight workouts, equipped with devices to ease up stretching. Additionally, Technogym's EasyLine gas-spring machines are suitable for circuit training and warm-up exercises.

In the group exercise room, it's possible to use punching/kicking bags and other equipment when the space is not being used for group classes.