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Group exercise classes are one of the best ways to boost your fitness levels and most importantly have fun!

The professional instructors at Kuntokeskus Energy will sweep you along in Rhytmics Latin beats, Crosstraininig that elevates your heart rate, strenght traininig workouts, and the serene secrets of yoga and pilates.

Explore and enjoy!

In pilates class we strengthen the deep support of the core, increase flexibility and body control. Pilates exercises are performed both in an upright positions as well as on the floor. There are various exercise options available, allowing everyone to make the class as challenging as they find suitable for themselves.
The class is suitable for everyone, without depending on skill levels!

The Kuntosali circuit (Gym Circuit) -class is done using gym equipment as well as your own bodyweight. Circuit includes short warm-up, workout segment and stretching. The instructor for the class is physiotherapist who provides guidance on using all the equipment. The class is suitable for everyone, without depending on skill levels!

Crosstraining is a functional full-body workout that combines strength and cardiovascular training.

In crosstraining, there is many equipment choices, for example a barbell, kettleballs, a rack for hanging, boxes and your own body weight. The workouts are very versatile and varied, as well as easily adaptable to each individual skill level!

Lihaskunto (Muscle strength) is an effective full-body strength training. In the beginning there is short warm-up. Muscle strength utilize the body's own weight, free weights, resistance bands, or a step board. At the end of the class, there are brief stretching exercises.

​​​​​​​The Kehonhuolto (Body maintenance) -class includes flexibility and muscle maintenance. During the class, all major muscle groups are gently covered. Tools such as a stick, fascia balls, rollers and a yoga block can be used.

​​​​​​​Spinning -indoor cycling class, you can adjust the resistance to set the intesity level of the class to light to moderate, or to moderate to heavy. The Keiser M3i bikes ensure an excellent riding experience. The classes are guided utilizing the features of the bike's display. The class is suitable for both beginners and those who have been training the sport for a long time.

Lavis is a fun, easy and sweaty form exercise based on combination of dance and aerobics. It blends dance steps with workout elements. Since Lavis is solo dance, there is no risk of anyone stepping on your toes. During the class, you'll dance familiar dance styles such as rock/jive, cha-cha, samba and know Finnish dance styles humppa and jenkka. Additionally, the class provides an opportunity to learn the basics of different dance steps while staying active.

​​​​​​​In yoga classes, long, calming asanas are practiced to bring tranquility to both the body and mind. The Asanas lasting 1-5 minutes activate recovery, soothe, and if done in the evening, they may also contribute to better sleep.

The Toiminnallinen Circuit (functional Circuit) class contains both strength training and cardiovascular exercises in a full-body workout in circuit training format. The movements are clear and the class is suitable for everyone, without depending on skill levels!​​​​​​​

Les Mills BODYBALANCE is a body maintenance class the gently combines tai chi, yoga and pilates, accompanied by soothing music. The class strengthens and improves abdominal and back muscles, balance, and flexibility. It eases muscles tension and stress, improves concentration, and enchances the ability to be present.

BARRE combines ballet, pilates and yoga. An effective, heart-rate elevating class improves strength, flexibility, and balance. For the class you'll need indoor workout attire and socks/gym shoes. In the class, we dance to the rhythm of best hits, strength exercises, and finish with short stretches.

In the Lantionpohja & Core (Pelvic floor & core) -class the focus is on pelvic floor muscles and the deep core muscles, emphasizing their strengthening and relaxation. The movements are performed slowly and controlled, with attention to breathing rhythm.

FASCIAMETHOD is a body maintenance method developed by Finnish physiotherapists. In the FASCIAMETHOD- concept myofascial mobility training, dynamic targeted stretching for tight muscles, movement control exercises, and fascia treatment with balls are combined. The approach is rehabilitative, including exercises for the most common musculoskeletal problems. FASCIAMETHOD is for everyone, who wants to effectively improve their performance and boost their well-being.

Les Mills BODYSTEP is full of energy, good music and power. In the class, you step onto a height-adjustable step board. The simple and athletic movements performed during the class improve fitness, strength, and coordination.

Satujumppa - classes include strength and endurance training. The classes promote strong teamwork! They include weight training, cardio workouts, and kettlebells. Satujumppa progresses in 4-week cycles. Each session can be personalized by taking a picture of the workout plan. We focus on mastering techniques and adjust movements as needed. The maximum number of participants per class is 16 to enable effective coaching. In the CARDIO version, we leave weight plates out.

Core is aimed at strengthening, improving mobility and controlling the core muscles, with goal of developing the body as a whole. The class utilizes additional resistance from weight plates, dumbbells, and resistance bands.

RPV is an intense workout targeting the thighs, glutes, and abdominal area. The class includes a warm-up session on the floor or stepping on step board, followed by a musle-strengthening segment. Additional resistance such as weight plates, resistance bands, and step boards can be used during the class.

Kuntotanssi (Fitness dance) honors Finnish stage dance music. It also includes some laid-back Latin tracks. This dance class maintains a slightly lower heart rate than traditional Lavis, but it still gets you sweating, puts a smile on your face, and takes your body's flexibility workout to a whole new level. Since the class is done without a partnes, there's no need to worry about stepping on anyone's toes.

30-45 minute intense full-body workout. Different weighted kettleballs are used as resistance. The class focuses on improving muscle strength, body control, and coordination.

Partymix is a lively step workout class. Partymix combines dance elements and aerobic stepping. The music range goes from Finnish humppa to Latin beats. This sweat-inducing workout brings a smile to your face and boosts you mood!

Les Mills BODYATTACK is an aerobic workout class that enhances strength and endurance. In this energetic interval session, sporty aerobic movements are combined with strength and body control exercises.

Les Mills BODYCOMBAT is a class that provides immense strength and energy and helps you discover your inner fighter. In this class, you clallenge your imaginary opponent to the rhythm of captivating music, incorporating techniques from various martial arts such as karate, taekwondo, kung fu, kickboxing and muay thai.

Les Mills BODYPUMP is effective strength training to music. The class is suitable for anyone who wants to quickly complete a full-body strength workout. BodyPump makes it easy to start exercising and you'll notice results quickly.

Teho -classes combine strength and cardio for a full-body workout. The exercises are clear and class is suitable for everyone, without depending on skill levels! Additional resistance is provided using a step board, resistance bands, kettlebells of different sizes, and weight plates.

YogaFlow combines flow yoga with stretching. It starts with a warm-up, followed by static strength movements combined with gentle stretches for the major muscle groups. It promotes peace, relaxation, and flexibility.

Zumba is a fun dance class, where you get to groove to Latin rhythms and the hottest dance hits. The most important this in this sweaty class to have fun.