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Energy Martial Arts

Energy Martial Arts is Energy's own combat concept, where boxing and wrestling are practiced together, combined as Nyrkkipaini, and on theme days, Jyrki Saario's Defendo.

Individual training sessions and small groups take place at the Energy Ylämylly

Contact: teemu.karhu@kuntokeskusenergy.com

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Jyrki Saario Defendo

A self-defense system that really works.

​​​​​​​The method is based on real-life experiences: by analyzing them, only the most effective self-defense techniques and solutions that work in actual emergency and use-of-force situations have been selected for the system

At our place, Defendo training focuses on pre-arranged theme and scenario days.


Nyrkkipaini is a combat concept built from a self-defense perspective, consisting of techniques from both boxing and wrestling, as the name suggests. In addition to these, training also includes headers, elbow strikes, and a lot of self-defense tactics.

All training is built around own free sparring, where the trainee gets to test their learned techniques in practice every time. This concept is extremely well-suitable for supporting basic Defendo training or for fitness purposes on it's own

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Introduction of the instructor: Teemu Karhu

I've been practicing martial arts since -98. It has been huge part of my life and still is.

In my teaching, I emphasize individuality and ensuring that everyone learns something new in their training, whether they are just starting out or have been training for a while.

A chill attitude and humor are part of the training; we don't sulk unnecessary. We prefer to laugh and have fun instead!

  • Jyrki Saario Defendo 1. dan Black Belt
  • Defendo Green instructor
  • Knife fighting instructor ​​​​​​​

Teemu Karhu