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Group exercises at Energy!

Kumpusaaren ryhmäliikuntatila

Get to know group exercises and its rules!
  • Registration to classes starts 14 days before event.
  • Registration will close 10 minutes before event!
  • You can cancel your registration 120 minutes before the event (minimum).
  • You can register a maximum of (10) classes at a time.
  • You cannot register overlapping classes.
  • You can confirm your registration 3h before the event.
  • Manual event confirmation can be done in Energy Application frontpage. Confirmation can be done also at our customer service desk.
  • The registrations for classes are automatically confirmed if you enter through the door or gate 5-120 minutes before the start of the class.
  • You cannot confirm the registration anymore if the event is starting in less than 5 minutes.
  • If you do not attend the class or confirm the registration on time, you will accumulate sanction.
  • If two sanctions accumulate, the group exercise reservation rights will be automatically suspended.
  • The accumulated sanctions and the group exercise reservation rights can be reinstated by paying a 10€ fine at the reception.
  • If you get a spot from the queue for the class near the starting time but are unable to confirm your spot, you will not accumulate sanctions